Registration is open for the 2015 Tours. Thank you for your interest in this year's tour! 

This year we are offering half-off early registration discount. Any participants who completes registration between Sunday February 1 and 5pm on Monday February 2 will receive 50% off registration! This registration does include thumbnails or any other discounts.

2015 DATES
Studios located EAST of Broad Street:  October 3 & 4
Studios located WEST of Broad Street: October 17 & 18
noon - 6pm

Be sure you have an account at the POST(CFEVA) website, and that you can log in. This is required, and can be done before registration opens on February 1. Once logged into the website follow the steps to create your public profile and pay.

Remember how to login from previous years?
Try out your username and password to be sure they work. Not working? Try logging in with your username in the format m.jones (first-initial.last-name). We changed all usernames to follow this format.

Didn't work? Don't remember your password? Not sure whether you have an account?
Use your email address to get a one-time login. This is a good approach if you are not sure whether you have an account. 
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Need to set up an account from scratch?
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