Danielle Siegelbaum

Open Saturday Oct 12 noon – 6pm
paintings sculptures art and necklaces photomontages cabinet of curiosities
Happy and Unhappy
Mask God of Seasick
Art and Necklace,Talisman
The artist in the studio
+1 (212) 380-6717
BOK Building
1901 S 9th Street Studio 515A
Philadelphia, PA 19148
South: South Philadelphia
What's happening here:

Beguiling Objects, Quixotic Paintings, Monomaniacal Photos

A modern cabinet of curiosities

a mix of facts and fiction, paintings,curious objects, photomontages, necklaces would find intellectually stimulating

my art is marked by curiosity, shading into credulity and by some sort of universal underlying design.

a reflection between old civilizations and actual world disorders.

Open Saturday Oct 12 noon – 6pm