Dawn Kramlich

Open Sunday Oct 13 noon – 6pm
Installation, 2D, & 3D text-based work examining the politics of language.
A black laser-cut sculpture on small gray stands which uses the words "me," "you," and "us" as overlapping negative space that's difficult to discern.
A laser-cut installation in the corner of a gallery comprised of 118 squares of black matboard hanging from a clear acrylic grid with the words "I," "you," "have," "changed," and "me" cut out of them. Projectors hanging from the ceiling shine on the matboard to create shadows on the walls of the corner inside the space created by the matboard. The installation can be walked into..
An encaustic and hand-cut paper text mixed media painting by Dawn Kramlich with the text "your value to us diminishes," which engages with her experience as a woman in America.
Open Sunday Oct 13 noon – 6pm