e.c. bradley

Open Saturday Oct 17 noon – 6pm
highly textured contstucted paintings with minimalist and mid-century roots
nothing to see here
blue assumption
frozen fields
quantum tulips
+1 (610) 390-4902
Crane Arts
1400 N. American Street Studio 409
Philadelphia , PA 19122
Northeast: Kensington
What's happening here:
exhibit and open studio

A dozen new "colorboxes" -  a series of 3-dimensional highly-colored constructed paintings  - will be on the walls for the first time as well as over 30 highly textured mixed-media works reflecting the artist's mid-century minimalism roots. A quantal perspective and themes of loss and gender-based hate contunue be be developed in the new work up on the walls for this year's open studio.

Open Saturday Oct 17 noon – 6pm