Eliza Leighton

Immersive, tactile visual art installation
Immersive art installation filled with red tactile fabrics, touch and feel box, and peephole.
View inside peephole - one person touches red tulle to their face, one person leans on the shoulder of another
View inside touch and feel box - shows a box with 6 compartments that contain nails, bits of paper with the word "no", red liquid, red glitter, hair, red underwear, and red fabric. A red lamp is illuminated next to the box.
Photo of artist standing next to lake
+1 (267) 665-8757
The Art Dept
1638 E Berks St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Northeast: Kensington
What's happening here:

Touch is an immersive art installation – an entirely red world filled with tactile textures, soft chairs, and fluffy fabrics that invite viewers to get comfortable, to stay awhile. Within this same world, there are also elements that threaten and forbid – sharp nails, chicken wire, the sound of static. Through establishing an unsettling atmosphere, Touch creates tension within the viewer between sensuality/comfort and fear/discomfort.

*Safety and Content Warning* This installation deals with themes of sexual violence, and may not be suitable for all viewers, specifically children. All sharp objects will be out of viewers’ reach.

The included images are from an earlier version of this installation. The version displayed as part of POST will differ from the photos.