Emilio Maldonado

Open Sunday Oct 20 noon – 6pm
Post consumer ensamblages exploring memory, nostalgia and social symbolism
An interpretation of the absurdity of wealth on one of its forms on the eyes of one who has witnessed generalized scarcity. The Food Network, suggest a decadent representation of the blessings of the first world, portrayed as vomit, deriving from my own experience when I first saw the tv channel of the same name.
A reflection about war conflict and militarization, a wheelchair dressed on the colors of the US Army Iraq conflict colors: War cripples the human, War cripples the man, War cripples, the mind, the economy and all the families whose loved ones participate.
Composed by 50 pieces of the ongoing project 0-100 is an ever changing graphic experiment that uses the relationship between object-society and symbol-meaning, as well as ideas of wealth, worth and value.
Open Sunday Oct 20 noon – 6pm