Erik Wright

Open Sunday October 17, 2021 noon – 6pm
pottery ceramics handmade mug
square mugs
Pink Mug with Lidded Tea Steeper
Lidded Flour Crock
+1 (925) 339-5348
BOK Building
1901 S 9th St Ste 6D
Philadelphia, PA 19148
South: South Philadelphia
What's happening here:
Studio Tour

I'm excited to open my studio door to the public for the first time since opening in October 2020. When visiting you can expect to see the inner workings of my studio, a 250 square foot room that was once a bathroom and is now a small scale studio pottery. I welcome all visitors to come see my work, possibly buy your new favorite pot, and see how I create my line of functional tableware.

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pottery ceramics handmade mug
Open Sunday October 17, 2021 noon – 6pm