Janos Korodi

paintings, unique prints and works on paper
motion picture_13
motion picture_19
motion picture_22
The Loom North
3245 Amber St 3rd floor, 1-3-C
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Northeast: Port Richmond
What's happening here:

I'm setting up a showroom in the studio, by trying to display all the phases of my process, all the way up to the result.

I'll exhibit the recent cycle of works I began to deal with more than 3 years ago. The image type I'm working on, makes one to explore the notion of place, non-place, and transition, as mediated through technology. Its the Motion-series, that comprises paintings, mixed media works and limited edition prints. I'll most likely show some of my older paintings too, that were inspired by architecture and environment, the sprit of the place.

High chance of guest artist's appearance!

Check in, I'm thrilled to meet You!