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Interdisciplinary Experimental Art
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Devin Cohen and Rebeca Martell

Welcome welcome, Philiput is a space of peace and love and kindness, sensitivity, gentleness, art, sharing, caring, and harmony. 

This is the opening, happening, celebration of our Art d Amour. 

In Puebla Mexico, together we have a gallery named Liliput, known for showcasing international artists. This event shall be the beginning of Philiput. We will share with you our studios, our art works, and the beginnings of our new gallery space here iine Philly. We look forward to meeting you. 

 With much amor y art,

Devin Cohen and Rebeca Martell

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Rebeca Martell is a conceptual artist, photographer, and director of Liliput Gallery in Puebla Mexico; currently engaged in documenting urban cultures as she works as freelance photographer, and international correspondent for music and lifestyle magazines.

She has been trained by renowned photographers like Anders Petersen, Antoine D Agata, Alex Webb to name a few, at UNAM, Jumex Collection, Philadelphia Photo Arts, Centro de la Imagen, Museo Rufino Tamayo, Laboratorio Arte Alameda and PhotoEspaña. 

Her work has been exhibited at The Barnes Collection, Philadelphia Photo Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, in the Gallery of Contemporary Art and Design, XTeresa Arte Actual, Fototeca Juan Crisóstomo Méndez, Sebastian Foundation, San Pedro Puebla Art Museum and the National Auditorium, as well as at the Embassy of Mexico in Spain, Hungary, Romania, United States, Belgium, Holland and France.

Her work has been selected at the 1st and 8th Encuentro Estatal de Arte Contemporáneo in Puebla, Mexico and in the 6th Photojournalism Biennal in Mexico.


In 2008 she won the 8th Encuentro Estatal de Arte Contemporáneo in Puebla, México, in the advanced young artists category. Along with the prize she got published Recuento, a catalog of her work which summarizes ten years of photographic practice, through various personal projects.


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Devin Cohen

Devin Asher Cohen is a mixed media interisciplinary experimental abstract artist, musician, writer, and director of Liliput Gallery in Puebla Mexico. 


His solo exhibitions include Queiros Gallery (Guanajuato, Mexico, 2017), L'arrosoir d'Arthur (Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2016 ), Kugel Art Gallery (Philadelphia, PA, 2016), 

Metalinguistica (ProjectRoom Gallery, Puebla, Mexico, 2015), Occurrences (Gallery13w West Philadelphia, PA, 2014), Foreshadow (Galería Nexus, Puebla, México, 2014), Arteria (Corazon del Barrio, Puebla, México, 2014), 

Stupid Easy Gallery (Philadelphia, PA, 2013), 10th Street Galley (Philadelphia, PA, 2013), Lee Gribben's on Main (Emmaus, PA, 2013), Sanctuary Holistic Arts Center (Philadelphia, PA, 2013), and Circa1212 (South St. Philadelphia, PA, 2012).


His group exhibitions include Lets Connect at the Barned Foundation, Municipal Market of Kypeli  in Athens Greece, Cultural Center of Digeliotika St Andrew in Aígion Greece, the international touring contemporary art exhibition entitled Correspondence (Community Futures Lab, Philadelphia, also at Liliput Galeria in Puebla, Mexico, and at WhiteBox Ateliers in Germany; soon to travel to Czech Republic, and Hungary), 

Hungarian Art Residency (City Hall, Hungary, 2015 and 2016, 2017), MEXCAT Association Cultural Mexicano Catalana (Barcelona, Spain, 2015), 

La Facultad de Quimica de la UNAM (Mexico, DF, 2015 ), Asociacion de la Mexicanos en Japon (Tokyo, Japan, 2015), MergeArts at Coda (Philadelphia, PA, 2015), 25x25x25  (Capilla del Arte'Museum Universidad da la America, Mexico, 2015), Jed Williams Gallery exhibition for Project H.O.M.E. (Philadelphia, PA, 2015), Afrofuturist Affair Black Holographic Memory (Impact Hub, 

Philadelphia, PA, 2014),  The Machine (Albany New York, 2014) The Rotunda, exhibition, and Arteria listening (Philadelphia, PA, 2014), Snax Magazine magazine release exhibition in New York Gallery (NYC, 2013), Fire and Ice (Philadelphia, PA, 2013), ArtHaus at Underground Arts (Philadelphia, PA, 2013), Urban Art Gallery (West Philadelphia, PA, 2013), and PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia, PA, 2012).


Cohen's work has been featured in many radio, television, and written publications including, Revista Marvin, La Jornada de Oriente, Milenio, Snax Magazine, Lado B, Kitchen Poet, PhillyCamTV, Subterraneous,, Philadelphia City Paper, Solstice Initiative, Chido Buap Magazine, Afrofuturist Affair Spotlight, World Wide Hippie's Cafe, Arts and Easthetics Magazine, Underground Books/The Kitchen Poet,, N3RVIO, Reflektor on Radio Iberu, El Vortice on SaberSinFin Radio, MusicSound.Rocks, Philatinos Radio, and Nomadismo Sonora Radio, Manufactured Dissent, Don Art News, and Heart of Philly.


From 2004 to 2010, Devin Asher Cohen attended Temple University (Philadelphia, PA), majoring in Psychology, and studying arts, cross cultural studies, social construction, and philosophy, as well as poetry, performance, and music.


From 2000 to 2004, He attended the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (Philadelphia, PA), majoring in Visual Arts, and studying drums and music as well. 


Until age 11, Devin had been home schooled, primarily by and with his poet and 

mathematician mother, Marion. His father, Jeffery, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, was a physicist who advanced the solar collector and proved one of Einstein's previously unproven theories to be correct.


From 2015-17 Devin Cohen received the Hungarian Artist residency grant. 



Devin Asher Cohen's work is in private collections in Paris, London, Hungary, Mexico, California, New York, Philadelphia, and Greece.