Steve Donegan

Open Saturday Oct 19 noon – 6pm
digitally woven imagery in cotton thread
+1 (215) 880-6009
West Mt Airy
536 Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Northwest: Mt. Airy
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Several years ago while I searched for something new to bring to my landscape imagery I began experimenting in woven cotton textile. A friend after visiting my studio, suggested that I weave one of my images and they arranged for me to visit their University’s textile department. After touring the studios and production area of working looms, I decided that this was a good point to begin another phase for making my imagery.
My process entails using multiple layers of images from photography, drawing and painting which are redrawn and converted into a digital file that works with a computerized loom.


In the beginning of this reinvention of my work the issues of using only six colors of thread were difficult to accept and in order to advance my ideas I would need to refresh my knowledge of color theory. However, the first concrete breakthrough was realizing that I needed to suspend my expectations of recreating my images in their original unlimited palette.  Six colors was all I was able to use.


Open Saturday Oct 19 noon – 6pm