POST Featured Artist of the Month

Born in Kenya, ethnically Indian, educated in England, Bhavisha’s art exhibits influences of many cultures and continents. Primarily a plein air painter, she is often spotted in Rittenhouse Square and now on Schuylkill River Trail, painting bridges, a series of works to be exhibited at Station Gallery, Greenville, Delaware, in June. 
The painting “Mail Bags” featured here is one of twenty paintings from her “Bicycles In Snow” series. Other series of note are “elephant paintings” and “Buddhas” on handmade paper.  The common thread in Bhavisha’s diverse art is feelings of serenity and tranquility. Her ultimate objective for every painting is to capture the harmonious existence of different elements in nature, that evidences life is strong, calm and beautiful.
Bhavisha has exhibited in several solo and group shows. Her paintings are in private collections around the world.  She is a recipient of micro-grants from The Asian Arts Initiative and In-Liquid.  Ageless Gardens, her home and studio space, also hosts bi-monthly Art Salons for The Naudain Street Art Collaborative, an organization of local artists whose mission is to bring visibility to the art and artists in their neighborhood. 
Visit  for more information. FYI: Bhavisha enjoys having studio visitors. Email  to schedule a visit.

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