How to POST

This year we have created a 'how to POST' cheat sheet for all our participants. 


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  • Use the template provided  or in the . Include your own studio or artwork images.
  • Attach print-ready versions of your images to the email with your press release.
  • If possible, copy and paste the press release into the body of your email in addition to sending it as an attachment.
  • Write/modify the press release in an objective manner (third person), as if you were writing the article itself.
  • Target neighborhood-specific press and community news: they are most likely to pick up your story and tell it well.
  • For more information,  
  • To see our most recent press release for the overall program,


  • Send an email to your full list, even those who don't live in Philadelphia.
  • Connect with other artists in your neighborhood and coordinate with them to send studio visitors back and forth.
  • Be inclusive: invite fellow members of any organization or group you belong to, anyone who has come to your studio in previous years, neighbors, co-workers, other artists, and even your hair stylist, barista, tax preparer, etc...


  • Send personalized invitations to museum staff, curators, clients, anyone who has ever purchased work from you, standout students and/or teachers, any media personnel who write about arts and culture, especially if they have written about you in the past. Include the POST logo ( on these invitations to announce your official participation. 
  • Look on the POST website for other artists whose work relates to yours or who live in your neighborhood.
  • to find out which studios are closest to you and who is registered.
  • Contact these artists and suggest to them that you send studio visitors back and forth. Exchange business cards and information to share with visitors who will surely be asking, "Where should I go next?"


  • Create an announcement on your own website and social media channels. Not sure what to say? Find information and sample copy language
  • Send an email to your  mailing list. Don't have a mailing list? Make sure to have a book during POST where visitors can sign up for your mailing list. 
  • Post updates about your studio preparations, new work, special projects or events, etc. on twitter, blogs, etc.
  • Create a Facebook event and/or announcement
  • Use and  if you're tweeting, instagramming, etc
  • Submit information about your Open Studio event to neighborhood/community newsletters and associations.


In this world of digital communications, personalized snail mail goes a long way! Are there special people you want to hand write invitations to?
  • Add your own message to the POST postcards we provide (printed labels work great for this!) and send to your current mailing list
  • Create your own cards or materials using the POST logo
  • Make sure to include your studio location on all postcards so visitors know where to find you


  • Welcome all visitors who come into your studio. You never know if they are curators, gallerists or art buyers. 
  • Bring along a friend or colleague to help you. This way you can take breaks and not leave your location unattended.
  • Be sure to provide a mailing list for visitors to sign up.This is important as we ask POST participants to send out a survey to visitors to gather information. It also helps grow your mailing list. Be sure to connect with visitors who provided an address after POST thanking them for attending, and inviting them to join you at your next exhibition, event, program, workshop, etc.
  • Prepare a price list for all artwork in your studio (even the work you think you won’t sell) and have it publicly accessible.
  • Provide refreshments (nothing too messy!). Refreshments give visitors a reason to stick around longer and give them something to do while they are looking at your work.
  • Provide postcards or information about upcoming ways they can reconnect with you.
  • Prepare and print out your artist statement and resume for visitors to look at.