Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA)

Open Saturday Oct 12 noon – 6pm
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Da Vinci Art Alliance
704 Catherine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Members show focused on pairing of visual art and works of literature.

Wednesday 6-8pm + Saturday 1-5pm + Sunday 1-5pm

(215) 550-1446
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Artist, Reader, Writer: A Da Vinci Art Alliance Members Exhibition
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Perhaps it romantic to imagine the lone, solitary artist. The fruits of their labors burst forth into creation like a Greek god born out of some comically ridiculous concept of divine biology. More often than not though, this not the case. Now more than ever artists are connected and informed. One could argue that this ease of communication and access to information encourages the proliferation of artistic discourse. At Da Vinci Art Alliance we are very interested in nurturing  artistic discourse. To do this, conversations must be had! This exhibition will emphasize the relationship between artworks in the form of pairs, one visual and one written.


Open Saturday Oct 12 noon – 6pm